The Post Season and Looking Ahead

img_51872 ½ months following the completion of my first Ironman…yep I could say over and over again, completion of my first Ironman! I am still smiling but it’s time to get back to thinking about training and focusing on the future. I did take some time off. Maybe too much time. I did some stuff in the 2 months following IMWI. I did some lifting, a little bit of running and some yoga, but didn’t even glance at the pool or my bike. That’s okay right? Absence makes the heart grow fonder right? I am not so sure in my case.

With the help of a trusted advisor, I sat down to brainstorm what might be in the cards for 2020. I had some specific goals;

  1. The biggest one, get faster on the run. Especially in short course racing.
  2. Sustain a faster bike for longer.
  3. Work toward Ironman #2, focusing on being able to run better off the bike.

With those three goals in mind, we came up with a plan to focus on some short courses early in the spring/summer, working to get to USAT Age Group Nationals in August, perform well at nationals, then focus on some fun stuff for late summer. Then turn the focus to Ironman TX for April of 2021.

ea16a67b-9794-4091-8093-434e1ad263e7So, back in the gym for strength sessions. Training with power now on the bike. Running on the treadmill (I freeze too much to go outside, ha) and even back in the pool. We are back at it. I can’t say it’s been smooth sailing. I am struggling with motivation a bit. But I am hoping with time, it will all click in to place and I can fully dial in. We have time right? 😊

Stay tuned, I will try to share as much of my training as I can. My fourth goal, keep all of you updated with more frequent blog posts…even if it’s just my mom reading this. 😊