That was a Fast Bike: Lifetime Minneapolis Olympic Tri Race Report

Yup, I know….I am way behind.  The Lifetime Minneapolis Tri was waaaayyy back in July. It’s been a crazy month and a half.  My kiddos had lots of sports and camps.  I had a few trips and work to do. But mostly, training was ramped up to a major build brick which took up a lot of my time.  More on that in a later post.  Let’s chat about the Minneapolis Tri, shall we?!Screen-Shot-2019-07-01-at-11.59.10-AM

I was a tiny bit nervous going into this race as I hadn’t ever done this particular distance nor this race itself.  I had previously participated in the Heart of the Lakes Tri long course but it doesn’t quite hit the mark of a full Olympic at ½ mile swim, a 21 mile bike and a 5.3 mile run. Tackling a full Olympic gave me both an jolt of excitement and the nervous butterflies in my belly.

The weekend of the tri came up on me fast.  Before I knew it, I had already picked up my packet and was prepping my gear for the Sunday race.  The Minneapolis Tri is known to be a large race with lots of participants.  And come Sunday morning I felt like there were lots of racers, but it didn’t feel overwhelming.  It was a gorgeous day.  It was slightly overcast and cloudy all day which is awesome to race in. I got my gear set up. And can I add that I LOVE when the racks are marked with race numbers.  It makes finding a spot so much easier and everyone just gets what they get in regards to placement within transition.  As I say to my kiddos, “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”.  After set up was done, I wandered over the swim warm up area.  This is one of my favorite things to do before a race.  I get in the water, swim a little ways out and back.  It gets my head in the right space, reminds me to breath calmly and warms up my muscles a bit.  As the time came to line up for my wave…and can I add that I LOVE time trial starts….I felt ready and relaxed. 

Swimming the .93 mile swim was awesome.  I had yet to swim that distance in a race and it was fantastic.  I didn’t feel nervous or anxious or tired.  I just relaxed, focused on my arm turn over and before I knew it, I was done. After a quick jog through transition and throwing my helmet and shoes on, I was off on my bike for 24.5 miles.  img_4372-2

Wow, the bike course was pretty sweet.  A very flat, urban course.  I was loving pushing the pace and working hard.  I always play a little game with myself not to let any other women racers pass me on the bike.  And I didn’t have too much trouble with that on this course.  I did run into a bit of trouble with my handlebars during the race, they kept rotating forward if I pushed down on them.  If they rotated, I would have to muscle then back into place without losing my balance.  It was a bit tricky! Sometimes you just have to deal with the unexpected.

After that very fast cruise on the bike, I came into transition and started out on the run.  The run is a beautiful 2 loop course (6.2 miles) around Lake Nokomis.  My legs felt great.  As I came through to start my second loop around the lake, I was so proud of myself for a great run on the first loop and knew that I had plenty left in my legs to finish and so I did (finish that is) with a great time.  Beating an aggressive goal I set for myself by :30 seconds I crossed the finish line with a big smile. 


What an awesome day!  I certainly proved to myself that I am capable and able to do the things I set my mind to.  I loved the course.  The volunteers and spectators were so amazing! This will have to go on my list as a tri to come back to year after year. And in case you were wondering, I did get my handlebar issue fixed. 

Stay tuned: my next post will be all about trials of training while traveling.