So That’s What “Everything Clicked” Feels Like: Lake Minnetonka Tri Race Report

Drafting this race report has been on my to do list for far, far too long.  In fact, this race happened over a month ago.  Time slips away so fast.  But I am excited to write about this race as it was an awesome day.  For the first time ever, I can say “everything clicked on race day”. 

The Lake Minnetonka Triathlon is one of my favorite races all year.  The venue is beautiful, the run is on a gravel trail, the swim is a point to point and I always race with my best friend.  I was pumped going into race day. 43b1b79d-875c-49c3-b408-ec524cf5fa36  Well, the day started out pretty wet and rainy.  It was dry on the drive over to Excelsior Bay but the clouds were looming.  I was worried about another canceled race (last year’s Lake Minnetonka Tri was canceled due to thunderstorms).  As we pulled into the parking lot, the rain came, and it came and it came.  Everything was soaked by the time we got to our spot in transition and started setting up.  At that point, you just shrug your shoulders and deal with it.  Other than the rain, transition set up went by quick and soon we were listening to the race talk and doing our final walk over to the starting area.  I wiggled into my wetsuit and started out for a pre-race warm up swim.  I was so glad that the water had warmed up a bit since the Buffalo Tri two weeks earlier. 

As I waited for the whistle indicating my wave to go, I made a plan for the swim, line up on the inside and stay away from the traffic.  Whistle blows and off we went.  I stayed to the buoy line and away from the bunched-up swimmers, which worked perfectly.  I was able to swim on my own for most of the race, at my speed, unencumbered by anyone else.  I breathed easy, focused on arm turn over and catching as much water as possible to propel myself forward.  Coming into the swim exit, I glanced at my watch and was thrilled to be a few minutes ahead of my goal.  I did a little whoop in my head and quickly got out of T1.



The bike portion of this race always goes by in a blur.  The beginning mile or so is a few turns to get out of the park and city area and then you are out on the road.  I wanted to push the pace on the bike to test out my bike fitness a bit.  img_3972I was cruising along, passing the bikers in front of me when a female racer that I was familiar with came screaming by me.  My new goal, stay with her.  The bike course is 15 miles so before long it was time to turn around.  After half way back to transition, I fell back from the girl I was trying to stay with but I didn’t let that discourage me.  I just kept pushing and talking myself through the upcoming run portion.

Out of T2, grabbing my hat and race belt, I focused on turning over my legs and breathing.  As the miles ticked by, I was feeling really good.  My feet felt light and fast. I came through the finishing shoot and was thrilled as I looked my watch.  Over an eight minute PR! Everything clicked! That was racing and it was awesome. 

It’s so gratifying when all of the hard work I have been putting in pays off.  This wasn’t slated to be my A race for the season but the way I raced it, it was an A race memory for me. 

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