New Year + Finding Focus

Happy 2019! Hard to believe another year has come and gone again.  It seems like they go by so quickly now.

woman holding firecracker
Photo by Murilo Folgosi

My biggest accomplishment for the month of December (and a bit into January) is the big improvements in my swim.  Yes, I still loathe swimming but my swim times have been dropping week after week.  I started with well over a 2:00/100 yard pace and now I am down closer to 1:38/100 yards.  For me, that is huge!!!  I spent quite a bit of time reading about swim technique, watching videos and thinking about how my body moves through the water.  It’s paying off and I am pumped.

Cycling has taking on a fun element as I went back to using Zwift for training purposes.  I don’t own a power meter so I needed a way to measure my power output (at least close to it) in order to follow the prescribed training.  I love that Zwift uses a formula to give you an approximate power output and it’s fun to ride with others around the world.  I “may” have even added some additional fun rides on top of my training. 😉


Unfortunately, I am still working through a persistent knee injury that started last September.  I took a long time off of running to see if it would help and although the pain level isn’t terrible anymore, it is still sore after my runs.  This is something I need to get figured out soon as my runs will only get longer and more intense.  More to come with a future doctor visit.

Last but certainly not least, I have been busy working on a race plan for 2019. There are so many races I want to do but had to think about them strategically and how they will build up to IMWI. I have never thought that way.  In the past, I just signed up for races I enjoyed in the past, worked with my schedule or sounded fun.  It’s been interesting to apply a little strategy to planning, but since the list hasn’t been blessed by coach, it could still change.

That’s all from me for now!